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Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Julianna on my latest career change. She was extremely professional, understanding and compassionate in her approach to understanding her clients’ needs and provided honest but non-judgmental feedbacks. With her previous experience as a senior manager, she was able to advise on many aspects of career development and excelling in a corporate environment. I highly recommend Julianna for her breadth of knowledge, unique approach and ability to deliver results.
Project Management Professional
I was working in a call center tending to customer service issues when I met Julianna. I shared my struggles of standing out and finding challenging and rewarding work that maximized my skill sets.

Working with Julianna, you realize you have all the skillsets to grow your career in your hands; she empowers you on how to approach it best and simplifies the daunting process of knowing how to grow professionally.

Thanks to her coaching techniques, I was able to rework my resume and LinkedIn page and can confidently say that the last three career moves landed via recruiters reaching out directly.

I now manage a multi-million dollar advertising team thanks to all of the cumulative experience gathered that stemmed from Julianna’s coaching program. I am forever grateful for her life-changing advice. Contact her today!
John V
Senior Advertising Marketer
Prior to working with Julianna, I was employed as a Business Process Analyst for an industry leading Property & Casualty insurance company in Canada.  I was new to the role and part of a project team that lacked maturity in project management practices.  I struggled to effectively carry out my role due to a lack of experience, understanding of project processes and overall confidence in my skillset.

During our time together, Julianna held structured 1:1 coaching sessions with me to hone my skills as a Business Analyst.  These sessions provided me with the opportunity to share my experiences, ask questions and provide recommendations to resolve project challenges.

The most significant impact Julianna had on me was to help me realize my strengths as an instructor and helped pave the way for a career shift into the learning and development space.  In our time together Julianna had observed and shared with me that I had displayed “composure and [she was impressed by] the ease with which [I] could explain the intricacies of [a subject] to someone who had little base knowledge for [me] to work with.”  This assessment really opened my eyes to the fact that I may have had untapped potential as a learning partner.

As a result of our work together, I was able to realize and develop my skills as a learning professional and have enjoyed working in the Learning & Development space for the past 6 years.
Learning Partner
I was working for a tech company, leading their customer support team. One of the struggles I was having was showcasing my confidence in a male dominated industry and making a difference.

Talking to Julianna, I realized that my biggest challenge was not the industry or the environment, but it was my own challenge and always striving for perfection, not excellence. After talking to Julianna, she helped me realize I was striving for something that’s not achievable, perfection. She helped me understand that by having this approach, I was also setting unrealistic expectations for my own team.

Focusing on striving for excellence, rather than perfection, as a manager has boosted my confidence and enhanced my leadership skills by allowing room for growth, adaptability, and continuous improvement.
Nila S
Claims Manager
Julianna started to coach me when I changed roles from Analyst to Project Manager. At that time I had an aptitude for project management but no formal training.  

Added to this, my stakeholder group consisted of VPs and above on a critical project so I had to gain trust quickly. She showed me how to build my brand with credibility, gain trust from my peers who had far more experience than I, and get results through relationships.   

Within weeks I was running steering committee meetings, meeting with executives one on one, and had gained the trust and buy-on of my peers. 
With her coaching I built my confidence and within 8 months I had built a reputation such that I landed a very high profile project whose primary stakeholder was a senior executive of our company.
Sherri B
Sr Project Manager