About the Podcast

What started as hour-long conversations with Katie’s friend Ashley, turned into The Contagious Confidence Podcast. The goal of The Contagious Confidence Podcast is to give women, who struggle with confidence, a place to find a community and get the encouragement that they need to gain confidence in every area of their lives.

About the Episode

In this episode, Katie Hawkes and I have an amazing discussion about:

  • The magic of alignment in your work
  • Getting clear on your strengths as an introvert
  • Changing our mindset around our perception of ourselves as introverts
  • Setting our own goals as introverts (not what others want for us)
  • Quiet confidence and knowing our value
  • Knowing our strengths vs knowing our value
  • Defining success for yourself

I hope you find it useful!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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