About a year ago, I started my adventure to Spain and starting my coaching practice.

This was not without a cost to bear–I had to leave a team that I had built over the course of 4 years.

When we started, it was just 3 of us. 

When I left, it was a team of 25, including a manager, team leads, and a mighty group of project managers and business analysts.

And without expecting such a sudden and audacious departure, I failed to incorporate into their development plans the skills and perspectives they would need to flourish in the absence of my guidance.

Then, last month, I got some news about my team from multiple people. 

Some were from my team…others were simply worried they may not be fully supported through this time.

It made me take pause to reflect on work, relationships, leadership and life. 

Impactful leadership isn’t only about making the right decisions for the business, but making the best decision for the business and the people you have brought into it to help you build it. 

A strong leader is someone who people turn to in times of crisis and uncertainty for guidance and support to move forward. 

An influential leader is one who can help nudge people, individually or as a group, towards a particular path. 

An elevated leader is one who can bring unity and help form bonds within a group of people. 

Leadership, not management, is something more powerful than running a business. 

It taps into something more meaningful, more soulful, to usher us into our future. 

A leader needs no title—they are the ones we naturally turn to in our time of need. 

In this social media age where everyone has “followers”…

…and in the shifting tides where the employer-employee dynamic is being reshaped…

…I wonder whether the empathetic, visionary and mindful leaders will still endure.

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