Hi! I’m Julianna

Your Personal Workplace Strategist

I teach leaders how to show their value and increase their impact through Compassionate Strategy

You strategize at work.

Now let’s strategize on your career.

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Leader Amongst Leaders

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Hi, I’m Julianna—your personal career strategist

I had a 20 year career in corporate, working my way from a data-entry position to a Director of a 25-person team.

Along the way, I’ve helped others like you find their own way to achieve success in a way that felt right for them.

What I always loved most (and am good at) was doing something that everyone else said was too hard…or even impossible.

And I want to help you do the same.

So if you know you can achieve your goals and tired of trying strategies you know won’t work for you, let’s strategize together!

Client Testimonials

I was working in a call center tending to customer service issues when I met Julianna. I shared my struggles of standing out and finding challenging and rewarding work that maximized my skill sets.

I now manage a multi-million dollar advertising team thanks to all of the cumulative experience gathered that stemmed from Julianna’s coaching program. I am forever grateful for her life-changing advice.
John V.
Senior Advertising Marketer
I was working for a tech company, leading their customer support team. One of the struggles I was having was showcasing my confidence in a male dominated industry and making a difference.

After talking to Julianna, she helped me realize I was striving for something that’s not achievable, perfection. She helped me understand that by having this approach, I was also setting unrealistic expectations for my own team.
Nila S.
Claims Manager